Monday, July 21, 2008

Ida B. Wells Let the Truth Be Told by Walter Dean Myers

Later this Fall Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollins, will publish "Ida B. Wells: Let the Truth Be Told" by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Bonnie Christensen. This 38-page picture book is a biography of a crusading African American woman. Myers shares details of Ida B. Wells' life that even as an adult I was not aware of having not yet read Wells' autobiography, "Crusade for Justice."

I can easily see 4 - 7 graders reading this book - ok, the younger ones will have to have it read to them. They will learn about Ida B. Wells taking care of her brothers and sisters single-handedly after their parents pass-away unexpectedly. They will learn about the event that motivated her to write articles protesting lynching of African Americans in the US. They will learn about her invitations to speak before English and Scottish audiences about the plight of Black folks. They will learn that Susan B. Anthony gave Wells attitude when Wells accepted the marriage proposal from Ferdinand Lee Bernett. They will also learn that Wells created the first voting organization for African American women in Illinois. It was called the Alpha Suffrage Club. Finally, they will learn that Wells even ran for public office!

The book includes a two-page timeline covering major events in Wells' life, including the creation in 1990 of a US Postal Stamp featuring Wells.

Thanks to the folks at Amistad for sending a review copy. I hope that Chasing Ray will also get to read this book, too!


Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

i just found your blog (from a wrung sponge) and i am very excited to read it. i hope you don't mind me adding to your blog roll. i can't believe there were only 87 books published or illustrated by AA last year! did i read that correctly?! wow... well, hopefully next year i can add my name to that list!

Kyra said...


Thank you for your note and visiting this blog. Yes, it was only 87 according to the CCDC! Best, Kyra

Single PAP said...

my mom was one of them! (actually not last year, but she is a AA children's book author)...i need to tell her about your blog

Anonymous said...

I look at these wonderful picture biography books and wonder for what ages they really are appropriate. It's really tricky working with high schoolers when some are into college level material and others can barely read. I think the strength of these books would be the artwork. The art will make the book appear less juvenile thus pulling in students at any reading level to interest them in the life of the subject. Thanks for sharing this book!

Ghost Girl said...

Wow, Susan B. gave her attitude?! I'm hooked! Got to find out more... Thanks for this review.