Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lucille Clifton - Poet - $100,000 prize

Congratulations to poet Lucille Clifton for winning the $100,000 US Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, for her lifetime achievements as a US poet. She's the first African American to win the award. Clifton is also the author of 19 children's books, including the Everette Anderson collection.


Aberjhani said...

It's very nice to see Clifton getting some significant recognition for her work, which has never been anything less than excellent. Thank you for posting the info on her and much more on your very interesting blog site.

Aberjhani, author of
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance,
and The Harlem Renaissance Way Down South

Kyra said...

Aberghani - Thank you for your comments and visiting! Your Amazon Short is on this weekend's reading list! Kyra