Tuesday, August 7, 2007

STOLEN - African American Kid's Lit - St. Louis

KSDK News Channel 5 reported on the theft at a St. Louis art studio dedicated to teaching kids. In addition to stolen equipment and art supplies, art studio founder Bob Hansman is most upset about the theft of the collection of African American children's books. Hansman says on the video report:
"I'm very worked up. This is wrong. It would be one thing to steal microwaves or TVs, but to steal children's books that are here to inspire children in the projects that need inspiring and need all the help they can get. They need good role modeling . instead this is what happens," Bob said.It was Bob's dream to have a library in his art studio he founded in 1994 to teach children how to draw self portraits."
You can see the video of the news report at: http://tinyurl.com/2wbfax . The news article provides the phone number to call if you'd like to donate books to the art studio to build back their library.

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Kelly said...

That is so sad, Kyra. Thank you for posting that story. I'm going to donate copies of my books. What do you think about letting the AACBWI listserv know about it. If everyone donates one book, we could help him rebuild the library.