Thursday, December 27, 2007

African American Comic Books

Just stumbled across a couple websites for African American comic books and animation. Remember Saturday mornings and watching Fat Albert (image at left)? Hey-hey-hey!

What were your favorite cartoon characters? Enjoy!


April Afloat said...

Hi Kyra,

Thanks for the comment! Looks like we have a couple of friends in common, hey?


HipWriterMama said...

I loved Fat Albert. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Happy New Year!

cartoonman said...

I have been a comic book fan for a very long time....I recall my first encounter with a black superhero was Marvel's Black Panther right slap dabbed in the middle of the civil rights era. Do you know how much influence the character played on the black concious. Maybr im reaching a little far ,it played on my concious. Here you had a ruler of a african country called Wakanda which was a technology mecca. The Panther was genius a ruler and magestic . Do you really know what that concept did during the Tarzan/Africa era.