Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coretta Scott King Awards 1970 - 2008 Statistics

Since 1970 the CSK Award winner and honor awards have been presented to 231 persons. (Note, where two or more won an award, I've classified as Couple.)
  • 62% total author awards, 38% illustrator awards
  • Women represent 69% of the author awards presented and 50% of ALL awards presented
  • Men represent 75% of the illustrator awards presented and 43% of ALL awards presented
  • Working in teams - or the Couples - represent 8% of ALL awards presented, primarily in the Author category.
  • While not shown in this table, 4 times the Illustrator Award, 4 times the New Talent Author Award, and 8 times the New Talent Illustrator Award were NOT presented.
What other statistics would you like to know about relative to the CSK awards? Share in the Comments area - and we'll look in the CSK Database! Enjoy!


Don Tate II said...

Wow, Kyra. You have access to the CSK database. Thanks for this info!


Kyra said...

I created a database of the awards in an Excel spreadsheet. Pivot tables are WONDERFUL!