Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Sister Kairitu is Sick by Dr. Lydiah Nganga

Dr. Lydiah Nganga, is an assistant professor of Education at the University of Wyoming. She's also a native of Kenya, educated in both the US and Africa. And, she's the author of "My Sister Kairitu is Sick."

This 52-page, full-color children's book is about Kairitu, a young girl in Kahawa Sukari, a suburb of Nairobi, who wakes up one morning with a fever. Her sister, Kate, tells the reader about her sister and the how the day unfolds when the family learns Kairitu has ... the mumps! This book is actually two stories in one - as a family member tells a fable within the book about a crocodile and a monkey. Dr. Nganga includes background about Kenya and glossary to help one pronounce Kiswahili and Kikuyu words used in the illustrated book.

Patrick G. Mwangi, who lives in Nairobi, illustrated the book. My Sister Kairitu is Sick is published via Booksurge. The retail price is $21.99, yes, it's a bit high, but it's 52 pages in color. Congratulations to Dr. Nganga for sharing with us a story from Nairobi! Enjoy!

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