Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Grandma's Backyard by the Rabun brothers

I read online about two young brothers, Miles and William Rabun, who self-published a children's picture book, titled My Grandma's Backyard. The brothers live in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Wanting to support their effort, I did purchase the book.

The brothers have written a simple story about the enchanting times and things they can do in their Grandmother's backyard garden. I suspect an adult helped with the fun pages in the back of the book about rhyming words, items you can find and activities you can do in the backyard. The book is a very quick read, but surely fun for little ones. The photos of the boys demonstrate to young kids that yes, they too can be an author.

Illustrations are by Tony Moore, who I wished had included more emotions and people. There's a passage about kids performing plays in the backyard - but the illustration is two empty stairs. A missed opportunity to SHOW the fun the boys have.

Miles and William are fortunate to have parents who encourage and fund their writing efforts (e.g., self-publishing, hiring an illustrator, and a multi-page website). I do look forward to their next adventure. Enjoy!

My Grandma's Backyard by Miles and William Rabun. Xlibris. 2007. $17.32 on Amazon.

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