Saturday, July 5, 2008

When My Daddy Died by B. R. Sargent

To help little ones cope with the death of a father, consider "When My Daddy Died: Help the Child in Your Life Move Through Grief to Understanding" by B. R. Sargent. This 16-page softcover book includes simple sentences on pages that a little one can draw pictures onto to help deal with the death of a Dad. The book encourages conversation between a child and a close adult. B. R. Sargent is a wife, mother, ordained minister, and youth pastor in Maryland.

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B.R. Sargent said...

Hi! Thanks Kyra for the post. This book was written to serve children and surviving parents as they tread through the muddy waters of grief. Children do not grieve the same as adults and sometimes parents won't see the depths of their child's grief for up to 2 years. I am hoping to hear from anyone who has taken a look at the book, think they may need the book or even to offer suggestions for the next update! Thanks so much!