Friday, July 2, 2010

Author Carleen Brice Welcomes White Folks to the Black Section of the Bookstore

This is a rather humorous 3 min. video. Carleen Brice is the author of the novel Orange Mint and Honey. Enjoy!


Omoruyi Uwuigiaren said...

It is a welcome development. We expect more of such to stroll into our world. Better on a cold night when our neighbors will be snoring hard under the spell of sleep!

Willow said...

Ha! Hilarious! This was great. My favorite part was her subliminal advertising: "BUY MY BOOK!" Now this white lady is going to read more about Orange Mint and Honey--if it's as funny as her video, I'll be buying it.

joven said...

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Patricia Shirra said...

This was a great video, Kyra. Thanks for sharing!


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Rachel said...

hey can I copy that to my facebook page? haha that was helpful and funny!! I too love and buy and read BLACK authors