Friday, December 21, 2007

Amazon Kindle - Have you tried it yet?

Have you tried the new Amazon Kindle - the hand-size ebook reader? I can't believe it - I got one! Plan to use it extensively this weekend as I downloaded a mystery by a favorite author. Like many others, I'm not crazy about the size page forward and backwards tabs (shown in photo) because it's too easy to leap pages by accident. What I will really enjoy is the EASE of getting new books via Amazon - literally purchase online and the book appears on your device. No trying to learn how to transfer files from a computer. I was surprise to also have internet access via Kindle as well as ability to listen to music via MP3 files. Enjoy!


sahelsteve said...

This looks great, Kyra! Tell me though, does it make your eyes tireder than normal reading??

Thanks for your interesting blog.

Kyra said...


Hello! No, the type on the Amazon Kindle is just fine. You also have the choice to increase the font size or - heaven help - make is smaller. I showed the Kindle to my Mom and she downloaded a suspence novel and is enjoying the Kindle experience and novel!

Best, Kyra