Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What's That? A Tale of Cholesterol

Dr. Lisa Price Stevens, a Norfolk, VA internist, has written an 18-page illustrated story titled "What's That: A Tale of Cholesterol" (Trafford Publishing, 2006). In this story, Junior and his Grandma visit the local grocery story to get a few items. Junior spies a jar of "fatback" and asks Grandma what it is. "Grandma, that's gross. Do you eat it?" Junior asks... and thus starts the lesson on healthy eating. Grandma recounts why folks ate fatback and how one can make different choices today. The book retails for $10. It's a fast read that's bound to encourage kids to ask more questions. There's a table in the back of the book to provide kids with healthier choices for popular foods. Arthur Simmons, Jr. provides the heart-warming illustrations. Enjoy!

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