Monday, January 18, 2010

Ooops! A teen's booklet when starting her period

Dr. Chu Chu Onwuachi-Saunders, a pediatrician, and Marie Onwuachi, a public health consultant, have created Ooops!, a 64-page softcover book appropriate for young girls who have started their menstruation. Ooops! tales the story of 11-year old twins Kehinde and Taiwo who start their periods within days of each other. Nana tells the girls this is their special time - time to be princesses. It's a sweet story of how the girls come to accept and embrace this time of the month. The book includes a monthly calendar to keep track on when one's period starts as well as journal pages and stickers. The Ooops! book retails for $6.99 on Amazon. Or, you can visit Ooops Book website by clicking here. Enjoy!

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